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"Whoever you are - I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" (Tenessee Williams, Streetcar Named Desire).

BTP is almost completely dependent upon the willingness of others to volunteer their time. To support BTP in a non-monetary way, we always need people willing to volunteer for different parts of putting on a production. Look below to see some of the ways that you can volunteer to support BTP. 

Volunteer Opportunities

BTP always has positions open for volunteers. Some jobs are seasonal, meaning that we need them only during production, and others are year-round. Given that BTP is an educational theatre, a lot of our volunteer positions do not require you to have previous experience. If you volunteer, we are more than happy to help you gain the knowledge and experience you will need. 

* you can find more information about these volunteer jobs on our website

No experience necessary

  • Set building  [seasonal]

  • Set painting  [seasonal]

  • Acting [seasonal]*

  • Crewing [seasonal]*

  • Outreach [year-round or seasonal]

  • Booster Member [year-round]*

Experience necessary

  • Directing [seasonal]

  • Designing (light, sound, set) [seasonal]

If you are interested, please hit the contact button below to get more information. 

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