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Blossom Trail Players Boosters


Our History

Blossom Trail Players (BTP) was established in 2015. Since then, we have achieved our goal in putting on an entertaining and educational  show opportunity each summer for the Sanger Community. With the growth of our company comes the need for more help, so we have created the Blossom Trail Players Boosters to help fundraise so we can continue to serve our community.

What we do


We need people like you to help us think up new ideas to fundraise in Sanger. Not so good at coming up with the ideas but want to still help? Great! We also need people to help us plan and staff these fundraisers.

Apply for Grants

As an educational theater non-profit, we must do everything we can to bring in funding. Applying for grants is one of the ways that BTP offsets the cost of putting on our productions. 

Recruit Donors and Sponsors

Donors and sponsors are always needed. Booster member go out into the community to get monetary donations and donations for our events. As a Sanger based theater company, our goal is to collaborate with small and large businesses of Sanger to support the community. 


Membership Information

Members can join two ways: as a family or as an individual. Please look below for membership fees. 


$20 a year for one person

$30 a year for families

** Dues paid in September

For more information or to sign up for Boosters, click the button below.

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