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As an educational non-profit, BTP is largely dependent on donations from community members and businesses to continue running. There are many ways to donate to a theatre group, such as funding, supplies, or time. Look below to see the different ways that you can donate to BTP. 


One of the easiest ways to donate to BTP is by donating funding. Funding gives us the ability to pay for what we need during shows. If you would like to donate funding, please click the Donate button below. 

Once your Donation has been processed, you will get an email record for tax purposes.

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BTP always needs supplies for upcoming shows. There are some supplies that remain the same (wood, paint, screws, nails) but there are some that are show specific. Contact us if you are interested in donating supplies. 


Donating your time can be helpful in many ways. Sometimes, more than money, we need people to help get things done. If this seems like a way you want to help out, check out our Volunteer page (link below). 




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